In addition to CSPE state events, services, and benefits, members can also participate in a wide variety of activities occurring in CSPE's Chapters.  

While CSPE members must belong to a single chapter, all are encouraged to attend any meeting or event of interest, regardless of the CSPE Chapter sponsoring the event.

Chapters are organized geographically and consist of groups of CSPE members that hold informative meetings and sponsor events of special importance to the local community.  Currently, CSPE has the following active chapters:

Monterey Bay Chapter — serving the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas

San Diego Chapter — serving San Diego and surrounding areas

San Joaquin Chapter — serving California's Central Valley, including Stockton, Merced, and Modesto

Southern Chapters Council — serving the greater Southern California region, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Monica, East San Gabriel Valley, and the San Fernando Valley

Virtual Chapter – A forum for ideas, networking and career development for California professional engineers.

Join our group on Facebook — serving members not residing in one of CSPE's geographical chapter areas or for those wishing to interact with CSPE electronically


Chapter Resources