Elevate Your Professional Image
By Les Turnbeaugh, PE
Membership in a professional organization is not for everyone.  It is exclusively appealing to those to view themselves as professional and hold themselves to a higher standard than those that see engineering as a job rather than a profession.  In delving a little deeper into this train of thought the CSPE Board developed a new program to recognize uniquely professional members. It was enlightening to realize that many of our members are not "just" professional engineers but are involved in many other endeavors that put them in a more active situation than their fellow comrades . Whenever clients, people new to engineering, fellow workers or other professionals come to your office, not all are aware of your accomplishments.
Your CSPE Board believes they have developed a program to help you promote your own recognized accomplishments. Click here for an application to be recognized as a "DISTINGUISHED MEMBER" in CSPE. This program is not to be taken lightly. Not all members are currently eligible and may have accomplishments that can only be obtained through diligence, active participation and experience. When a client, fellow worker or even your boss asks about the Distinguished Member CSPE certificate on your wall, you can explain to them what it denotes. It will be impressive and will give testimony and credence to your abilities.  

Here is how and why to become a "Distinguished Member" in CSPE:
  • Read over the application and determine if you if you can successfully apply. i.e. Are you able to currently meet the requirements of the program. 
  • Submit your application to our Sacramento office for review. The Board has determined that the cost for administration, a certificate for you to hang in your office and mailing costs can be covered by a onetime non-refundable fee of $100.00.  More importantly, it will be a recognition of your accomplishments that will be invaluable in your work or assessment of your professional achievements long after you retire. 
  • New or younger engineers will be inspired by the honor and your accomplishments and seek to join CSPE to be a part of a professional organization and eventually earn this recognition. 
Please read over the application, determine if you meet the criteria and display your accomplishments that show you are more than a professional engineer - You are a "Distinguished" Professional Engineer that plays an active role in CSPE, your work and personal community. 

Distinguished Member Application Form

Distinguished Member Roster 


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