GOAL: CSPE enhances the image of the engineer through an active marketing and communications plan
CSPE Distinguished Member Program 
Membership in a professional organization is not for everyone.  It is exclusively appealing to those to view themselves as professional and hold themselves to a higher standard than those that see engineering as a job rather than a profession.  In delving a little deeper into this train of thought the CSPE Board developed a new program to recognize uniquely professional members.
E-Week - National Engineer's Week 
National Engineers Week is celebrated in February annually by thousands of engineers, students, teachers, and leaders in government and business.  CSPE joins more than 100 major corporations dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation of technology and the engineering profession.
Job Shadow Day 
Students throughout California can "shadow" CSPE engineers serving as workplace mentors as they go through a normal day on the job.
National Engineers Week Future City Competition 
The National Engineers Week Future® City Competition is an example of problem based learning with computer simulation.  It is an integrated, multidisciplinary, holistic approach to relevant issues and is a strong example of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education that addresses national and state academic content standards.  The program asks 7th and 8th grade students from around the nation to team with engineer-volunteer mentors to create — first on computer and then in large, three-dimensional models — their visions of the city of tomorrow.
NSPE Fellows Recognition Program 
The Fellow membership grade honors those active NSPE members who have demonstrated exemplary and devoted service to their profession, their Society and their community.  NSPE launched its Fellow Recognition Program in 2001 and has named close to 500 of its members as Fellows. 
Press and Media Information 
CSPE works with the media and the press to help the public understand more about the role engineers play in society.  Press releases and media contacts are available.

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