Be A Leader and Change The Future

In CSPE as with any other organization, volunteers are the heart, lungs and legs of the organization.  CSPE programs and mission accomplishment is only a result of the time and knowledge volunteered by members like yourself who serve with their colleagues to make the world a better place.

Therefore, we are pleased and excited to invite you to respond to this year's CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS.  We need your passion and perspectives to build a vibrant, inclusive, and multicultural corps of volunteer leaders throughout our State Board, Chapter Boards, Committees, and Task Forces.    

Volunteer opportunities with CSPE and CSPE's Education Foundation exist within many different areas of interest and on varying levels of commitment: from participation with short term projects, to our highest level of commitment as an active member of a chapter or state position.   

Positions available for local chapters can be found by contacting local chapter presidents at:

Please review these volunteer opportunities.  Volunteer leadership is a great way to build your resume and practice new skills in a low key non threatening manner.

Interested parties are encouraged to send an email to CSPE Executive Director Marti Kramer, CAE.   Please be sure to share with us information on your interest, experience, and relevant expertise—in short, tell us why you are a good fit with the volunteer group in which you're interested. 

We welcome your expertise and enthusiasm to this active and talented group of volunteers.  We hope you will take the time to review the opportunities for participation as a volunteer, and that you will discover a way to contribute to our profession.

We hope to include you in our 2014-2015 volunteer year.


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