CSPE Concentrates Its Efforts In Five Functional Areas Of Service
43 programs and even more services are provided to members within these five functional areas:

  • Governmental Affairs:  Providing engineers with a strong and consistent voice in issues that impact the PE Act, working conditions, and more
  • Image & Membership:  Working with the media, employers, and other companies to demonstrate the importance of engineers in society
  • Member Services:  Publications and money-saving benefits for engineers, both individual and company based
  • Professional Development:  Training and career opportunities intended to keep engineers up to date, employable, and competent
  • Student & Youth Programs:  Community service programs through the CSPE Education Foundation, such as MATHCOUNTS and EIT Grants, that help promote the profession to future generations
NEW! Hotline for Members
Are you an NSPE member with a question about engineering licensure, ethics, or law? If so, call 888-384-4295 or legal@nspe.org. Please provide your 9-digit NSPE member number. 
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If you are encouraging someone to follow the PE path, this link is meant for them. It might also be helpful to explain to the general public the difference between an engineering graduate and a Professional Engineer. To see it, click here! 


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