Membership provides four communities of service to every member: local/chapter, state, national, and online
  • California chapters present continuing education, social and networking opportunities for members around the state
  • We have cutting edge connectivity to deliver web-based services, products, news and education. Electronic communication is widely used by the board, committees and task forces to do business quickly and effectively at both the state and national levels.  
CSPE and NSPE: Cross-discipline interaction that sparks NEW ideas and concepts
Membership helps engineers to maintain up-to-date familiarity with cross-discipline issues affecting the industry. It gives you the opportunity to make valuable personal and professional contacts with engineers from all disciplines and management levels.
Opportunities to Network Face-to-Face
  • Chapter meetings, seminars and social events
  • State seminars and social events
  • The CSPE and NSPE annual meetings
Opportunities to Network Electronically
  • Online discussion forums – Got a question? Post it on NSPE’s website and engineers from around the country can weigh in
  • CSPE and NSPE online
  • CSPE Online – CSPE’s email newsletter contains industry information useful in your career, updates from the California Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, legislative information, highlights of CSPE activities so you can keep up-to-date with what CSPE is doing for you and much more.
  • Engineering Times – NSPE’s monthly newspaper is one of the best written, best produced association newsletters out there. Members rate it as one of the primary benefits of membership. It is easy to read, colorful, contemporary and the content is good.
  • Broadcast email with fast-read news bytes from NSPE, including the monthly NSPE Update. In just a few minutes, you will know all the latest news and services from NSPE.
Products and Services
  • The annual NSPE salary survey, which now comes in searchable electronic form along with a hard copy. This is invaluable information for engineers and engineer employers!
  • Ask a PE, discussion forums online: Maybe you have a career question you’re not comfortable asking your boss or peers. Check out the “Ask a PE” feature on the NSPE website. Pose a question or problem and engineers from around the country can offer advice. Or share your experience with someone else!
  • Code of Ethics for engineers and case studies in ethics: Engineers can get the Code of Ethics  to hang on their wall to remind them daily of who and what they are. There are ethical case studies to refer to.
Career Enhancement
  • Management Principles: Our society does not just elevate engineers to positions of leadership, it trains them as well. At CSPE, we don’t make engineers – we make engineering leaders.
  • NSPE is offering 15 FREE e-learning PDHs! Go to the NSPE website for the details. 
  • Training: As engineers become leaders in chapters, state societies or move on to national positions, they learn important skills they can use on the job.
  • Practice
  • People skills
Though licensure is not a requirement of membership, CSPE and NSPE recognize that PEs have gone the extra mile to achieve excellence in his or her profession.  Joining with other PEs in a PROFESSIONAL society shows how much you value your PE status.
An important part of our mission is to protect and enhance the value of the PE license. We do this through: 
  • Legislative activity
  • Taking action against the illegal practice of engineering;
  • Providing continuing education for PEs 
Engineers on the Licensure Track
Thinking of taking your PE or FE exam? Sign up for the PE or FE Readiness course through the NSPE website (available for civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical and the EIT) that features:
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that those using it will pass the licensure exam.
  • Study groups
  • Mentoring
  • Assistance with requirements


Membership Information